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Take a 15-Minute Time Out

  • Unplug from your busy day
  • Step out of your own way
  • Restore your energy
  • Tune in to your greater Self
  • And engage with your Divine Spirit.

Print out Take 15, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, find a quiet spot, and enjoy a few moments of reflection. In this newsletter, I share with you the invitations life is bringing to me as I go on my journey to remember my Radiant Soul. It is my hope that these jottings may offer you companionship, inspiration, joy, laughter, amazement, and grace.

I am excited to share these, our common human experiences, with you. You are amazing, and whether I have met you in person or not, I appreciate the gifted person that you are, and feel privileged to participate with you in our walk together at the Salon.

I look forward to sending you Take 15 articles monthly, along with weekly updates. There are plenty of new life inspirations and lessons to choose from!  You will receive announcements of Radiant Soul Salon activities and new offerings, as well as discount coupons for Salon products.

In each issue our intention is to hold open and loving thoughts for each other, and always promote the highest good of all.

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Diane Eisenman

Founder, Radiant Soul Salon Coach and Teacher of Spiritual Guidance

Know Yourself * Free Your Spirit * Love Your Life!