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Improve Your Focus, Stay Present in the Now, and Harmonize Your Body/Mind/Spirit

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I Ching Drumming is fun! All you need is 2 minutes, a drum, sticks, or your own two hands. It’s a simple, fast, and fun way to wake up your brain and tune up your body. Try this for yourself. You can experience the benefits from the first day.

  • Feel alive and awake in only a couple of minutes of drumming the I Ching.
  • Lighten your body and clear your brain.
  • Nurture your soul with a meditation in sound.
  • Enjoy your sound bath each morning. Harmonize your body and spirit.
  • Free your body and mind to work together for a great day!


drum-lg-310x310Welcome to the “I Ching Drumming” Course. In just a few minutes a day, you can enjoy the benefits of this daily practice. Take a moment as you finish each session to notice how you feel, and enjoy the sound bath!

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