Entrepreneurs Salon

The Radiant Soul Salon

Invites You to Join Our Monthly

Entrepreneurs Salon

Are you someone with creative ideas wanting to be your own boss, determined to do something you love?

If you feel ‘called’ to create something new, there may be no pathway already carved out for your services, and so you are required to invent it as you go.  Peter Sellars, a creative designer, producer, and artist, once said to me about living life to the fullest, “Just make it up!”  Can you imagine really doing that?

Needless to say, this is an exciting scenario for you to step into.  There is no assurance that each step you take will have the results you intend.  But failure doesn’t exist – it only puts you one step closer to your goal.

How is the Salon Different from Other Entrepreneur Groups?

The Entrepreneurs Salon was launched to support you on this journey.  As creators, we often need encouragement, insight, resources, ideas, another perspective, and someone outside of ourselves to hold us accountable to the commitments we have made to ourselves.

In our Entrepreneurs Salon, you receive support from peers to help you on your journey.  Members of your Salon group:

  • Listen To You Unconditionally
  • Applaud Your Progress
  • Remind You of Spirit’s Gentle Guidance
  • Offer Insights, Ideas and Resources

How Do the Groups Work?

In our small groups, which meet once a month for two hours, each 20 minute segment is devoted to one person’s project, sharing progress while receiving compassionate support and encouragement from others in the group.  We observe how Spirit has walked with us and our intention, and find that often the group’s insights are greater than what we imagined.  It is such a joy to see what happens when we ask for Spirit to help us – always surprising and wonderful.  We foster a relationship with our inner teachers and work cooperatively with the guidance we receive to create our business for the highest good of all.

Come Join Us!

If you are pursuing a new or continuing livelihood generated from your soul’s passion, and are wanting to share your talents for the highest good of your community, you are most cordially invited to join us at our Pasadena gatherings.

Please contact Diane at 877-737-6991, or radiantsoulsalon.com/contact/.   Tell us what your project entails, what assistance you would like to receive from the group, and generally when you are available for meetings.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Diane Eisenman