Online Courses

Teachings for the Radiant Soul

If you enjoy participating in online courses, choosing your own time and pace to complete the learning experience, then these classes are made for you.  We are constantly creating new and fun courses to

  • Challenge your heart to further embrace your appreciation of yourself
  • Discover new skills you can apply in your life
  • Open yourself to receive greater access to your inner wisdom, and
  • Engage in building connections with the people in your community.

Featured Courses

Check out our featured course in the yellow area of the home page.  The featured course will change periodically as new courses are developed and popular courses are highlighted.    These courses aim to clear your mind, refresh your spirit, lighten up your inner child, and tune up your body.  Each course is aimed to give you improved skills for being in charge of your own destiny.

Future Courses

Courses in the works include:

  • Learning how to recapture your imagination,
  • Discerning how your Spirit is giving you great messages,
  • Listening to your inner guides and teachers, and
  • Harmonizing your body with your own tone.

These courses will all be tools that allow you to work in partnership with the spiritual world to create something more wonderful than you could possible imagine, creations that will bring radiance and grace to all the souls on our planet. I can’t wait to share these amazing resources with you.  These teachings come from my learnings in the fields of music, the arts, psychology, religions, spirituality, and marketing, as well as from the special people in my life and the inner teachers of my heart.

Sign Up for Our First Course

I invite you to get started now with the first course, the I Ching Drumming Course, a perfect blend of ancient spiritual teachings, sound, and our physical bodies.  You will learn how to focus your mind and clear away your noisy thoughts.  This gives you access to more brain power and physical energy to focus on creating your vision and the courage and will to carry it through.

I love that an exercise like I Ching Drumming can bring different worlds together in a way that allows for unexpected results!   Take five minutes today, and see what happens!  You will savor the experience for days.  Click here to go to the  I Ching Drumming Course.  I’ll see you there.