Mentoring Sessions

Let's get your project done!

Are you wishing you had someone to:

  • Appreciate your creative endeavor
  • Offer you a new perspective when you get bogged down
  • Bounce ideas around with
  • Deeply hear you
  • Enjoy a good chuckle with you
  • Follow your progress
  • And remind you of what you have promised yourself and Spirit that you would do?

We all need others to support us and our visions.  It is essential that we find a coach who cares that we are successful, and reminds us to be the radiant soul that we are.  These Mentoring Sessions are designed to support your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.  As your mentor, Diane has skills from years of experience as a teacher and therapist to help you break through emotional roadblocks, release limited beliefs and old habits, and show you ways to listen to your own Spirit who is guiding you.

We’ll talk about what is going on with you and your project right now, what you would like to see happen, what is stopping the process, and how you can progress from here.  With the aid of intuitive guidance we can find new perspectives on your stuck places, and also identify practical resources that will further you on your path.  Together we intend, we focus, we ask, we pray, and we receive, so that we are walking the journey alongside Universal Guidance, called by whatever name you wish to address this magical and mysterious beneficent power.

Sign up for one mentoring session, or save dollars and sign up for a series of three sessions.  You decide how many and how often you’d like your sessions, and determine what areas you would like to focus on.  These 50 minute sessions are held on the phone for your convenience.

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