Inner Guidance Session

"Enjoy Immediate Access to Your Inner Guidance with Music and Imagery!"

Let Music Take You on an Imaginary Journey...

Are you ready to become unstuck? Are you ready to release the potential locked inside? Are you ready to claim your happiness?

If so, close your eyes.

     Take a deep breath.

          Relax your whole body.

               Turn on some quiet music.

                     Imagine yourself in your favorite place in nature…

                         And enjoy the journey!

Music provides a safe and nurturing pathway to heal your wounded soul, and is a powerful vehicle for celebrating your soul's progress.  Music is the best therapist, calling forth the person you were meant to be!

  • Enjoy the comfort of a supportive sound environment that gently awakens you from a long slumber.
  • Expand your imagery as the music carries you to new places.
  • Capture your discoveries on paper through color and movement.
  • Reflect on your experience with a skilled companion trained to help you recognize and honor your new realizations.

Why do I love offering Music and Imagery Sessions?

We have always known, or at least suspected, that music that moves us has an amazing power to heal.  Music has the power to bring you to tears or laughter, sorrow or joy. Music can relax you, or give you a fresh burst of energy. I always knew music could be with me in my painful places, and also call forth the best in me, but I didn’t know how to utilize music for my emotional and spiritual healing.

After attending two years of training, and experiencing my own tremendous breakthroughs using music with imagery, I finally discovered how music could guide us into our own wisdom. I was stunned by the power of the music to speak directly to me, giving voice to my higher wisdom and to my longing heart. I was fascinated watching the images that my mind created as the music progressed. And these images evoked from the music showed me the way to my own healing!  Having led many clients through this process, I have found consistently amazing shifts and breakthroughs with just a few sessions. Through the Music & Imagery process, clients find their own way to hear the wisdom within themselves, and with passion and joy they make their way to fulfilling their desires.

Quotes from Participants at a Music & Imagery Workshop:

  • Music brings us the tender touch of Spirit.
  • Spirit soars with the sounds of love.
  • Trusting the mystery bears limitless fruit.
  • Really Feel It!
  • Thank God for the Music.
  • The aim and final goal of my music is for the Glory of God! – J.S. Bach

Why is music so effective in bringing your inner voice to your awareness?

  • Music has no demands or expectations for you to live up to.
  • Music gives you the freedom to choose what you want to think and be and do.
  • Music calls forth your emotions.
  • Music has the power to lift you through your pain and into joy.
  • Music evokes memories and reflections.
  • Music awakens your imagination, key to a creative life.
  • Music resonates with your intuitive sense.

How does imagery help you find your answers?

  • Imagery creates new possibilities.
  • Imagery becomes a metaphor to uncover your unique solutions.
  • Imagery passes easily through your tough mental blocks to reveal what is held within your heart.
  • Imagery has no “right” or “wrong” answers. Anything is possible!
  • Imagery teaches you about yourself, giving you access to your inner emotional and spiritual life, as well as your outer circumstances.

Quotes from My Clients

Thanks to Diane’s very perceptive and caring guidance, I accessed aspects of myself that I didn’t know were there. The music elicited various emotional states which could then be talked about, or if not verbalized, then expressed through art. It amazes me that our answers lie hidden within us, and I’m very thankful that there are gifted people such as Diane who are able to help us draw them out.

What will I take home with me from the session?

You will be able to act on your insights, know the unique steps that are yours to take, feel the passion of recognizing your truth, and rest in the knowledge that you are living in harmony with the life you were meant to live.

Creating your own mandala completes the Music and Imagery Session, bringing the music and imagery experience out of your inner world and into your “real” world.  Mandalas are the perfect container for all that you have discovered during your session.  Your mandala allows you to record and review the wisdoms learned from your session, on all levels, and serves as a reminder to integrate these new patterns into your daily life.

Quotes from My Clients

At the time I had a series of Music & Imagery sessions with Diane, I had been living in the same city for 12 years and had done precious little traveling since my college days. However, I love traveling. At the end of one session Diane asked me to draw a mandala. I love to be on the go, so I decided to put my foot on the paper and I traced it. Then I colored the mandala in vibrant colors until no improvement could be made. But it still wasn’t right. I asked for a pair of scissors and cut the foot out of the mandala and put it outside the circle. Since that time, I have lived and worked in China, Vietnam, New Zealand, and several different States. I guess it became easier to step out literally after doing it figuratively in that Music & Imagery session. Thank you Diane. What a gift!!!

Will you benefit from a Music and Imagery Session?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, Music and Imagery can offer you relief from hard times, and encouragement to move toward your success with your own unique solutions.

  • Have you recently experienced a loss?
  • Are you discouraged, depressed, stuck?
  • Are you reluctant to take your next step, even though you long to do so?
  • Are you overwhelmed with too many responsibilities?
  • Are you treading water, just hoping you can stay afloat?

Or, perhaps...

  • You have you just completed a phase in your life successfully, and find yourself wanting to create a new and wonderful next phase?
  • You are seeking a life that is more abundant, more passionate, more joyful, more powerful, more loving, more adventurous, more creative?
  • You are longing for a greater spiritual connection?

Quotes from My Clients

The music, imagery and art (Mandala) sessions with Diane Eisenman were immensely valuable for me. They helped me see more clearly issues that were happening in my life. The imagery and art sessions helped me get in touch with my intuition, so that I could believe and trust my intuition more. I know that for many years I have been going back and forth or just going around in circles. I have experienced much healing.

Where are these sessions available?

Personal one-on-one sessions are available to you in the Los Angeles area. Or, if you are not in the LA area, you may bring together several people who would like a session in your location, and I will come to you.  (Contact me for details on out-of-area session arrangements.)

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Quotes from My Clients

My work with Diane has been about the adventure of growing older. I was 79 when I found her. The Music and Imagery work showed me that it was time to leave my home of 50 years and move to a small, manageable, 2 bedroom apartment, where I immensely enjoy living on my own to this day. Diane enthusiastically encouraged my writing project, and I knew at once that she was the teacher I needed. I came to her fearing the inevitable decline of aging. She led me into a wonderful world of quite new possibilities. My 80′s have truly been triumphant years of bringing romantic love into my life and writing passionately from my heart. I am 90 now, and have passed through yet another milestone. My career as a writer has taken on a new life of its own as I head towards publishing my first book!

You will also receive one or more free Bonuses that will greatly enhance your Music and Imagery Sessions.

Bonus Gift #1: When you sign up for 1 session, you will receive a written summary of your Music and Imagery Session ($47 value!) to take home with you and read again and again to remind you of your new discoveries.

Bonus Gift #2: When you participate in a series of 5 sessions, you will receive Bonus Gift #1 for each session (a $235 value!), plus a complete set of oil pastels and drawing paper to create your own mandalas at home (a $55 value!).

Bonus Gift #3: When you have completed 8 sessions, you will receive a complimentary Discovery Session to complete your series (a $197 value!), which will give you a picture of where you are challenged and blessed in your life right now – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Let music to be your therapist, and you will find unique solutions to the pressing concerns you most need to resolve.

The cost of a 3-hour Music and Imagery Session is $497. Right now, I am offering you a special internet discount of $100, bringing your session cost to $397. In addition, I am offering a limited time introductory special to celebrate my new website, so I will take off another $50, giving you the 3-hour session for only $347!!!

An Additional Bonus!
If, after your first session, you sign up for a series of 5 additional sessions, I’ll give you the 5th session at no charge.

Money Back Guarantee
If you purchase a series of sessions, and, after the first session of your series, you decide that this is not for you, 100% of the money you paid for subsequent sessions will be refunded to you, no questions asked.  And you are welcome to have more sessions whenever you like.

This offer will definitely not last, so don’t delay.  Sign up and schedule your session today by clicking on the order button below, and be on your way to creating the life you were meant to live.  On the PayPal Thank You page, be sure to click on the "Return to Radiant Soul Salon" link when you have completed your transaction to receive further instructions.

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P.S. Give yourself the gift of new life, and re-member yourself. There is no value that can be placed on happiness and fulfillment. The opportunity is now, and the time is here. Leap into your joy!

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