Discovery Session

A Look at Your Life, Here and Now

What are my strengths and my challenges? What resources do I have to meet the demands of my vision? What assistance do I need to reach my potential?

Uncovering Your Personal Patterns

In this 90 minute Discovery Session, we uncover many unconscious patterns directing your decisions, delineating your strengths and weaknesses.  By bringing those patterns to the light of day, and seeing how they interact with each other, you can now work with them. Using a very special tool developed just for this purpose, we look at your relationships to the greater Universe – that “place” where you came from and will return to when you leave your body.  This tool uses mandala, geometry, shape, symbol and color to bring your Soul into awareness of its radiant light. You will witness your life as a constantly changing ebb and flow through a larger whole.

A Birds-Eye View of Your Progress

We view your childhood, family, partnerships, career, community, your higher purpose and motivation, your current challenges, and their resolutions.  We consider your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  In this assessment, you witness these various aspects of yourself reflecting the movement of cycles through many levels of time.  Throughout all our lives, we breathe, let go, and return to source for a rebirth into a wiser greater Self.  Then we enter back into the world to be actively engaged in the dance once again.

See Yourself in Action

Through this Discovery Session, we are given a chance to witness ourselves in action, understanding how and why we made the choices we have made.  We become much more compassionate with ourselves, and begin finding ways which lead towards satisfaction and happiness.  It is in forgiving and loving ourselves that we can work with our conscious selves and our highest Spirit to create a path to peace, and truly become our Radiant Soul.

Choose Facetime, Skype, or In Person

In order to experience the Discovery Session, you will need to be in visual contact with me.  This can be done with our smartphones on Facetime, with our computers on Skype, or in person in Pasadena, CA.  Please indicate when you sign up which option works best for you.

See Your Progress Over Time

My clients have been amazed with the insights they received in this session, and in repeating the session after a period of time, have seen concrete evidence of their progress from one session to the next.

Know for Yourself How Amazing You Are

I am very honored to serve as your guide through this very important and unique process.  Be ready to recognize your own Truth!  You truly are amazing…

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